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HPA Creates More Space for Large Vessels

Ground-breaking ceremony at Tollerort marks the official start of works for the adaptation outer harbour entrance by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA).

The Port of Hamburg tremendously benefits from its central location and its excellent transport links. A high density of logistics companies and continuously increasing container throughput figures reflect the port’s worldwide reputation as a central hub for freight.

Hafen Invests Into Its Future

Due to its location of the main current of the Northern branch of the Elbe river and its banks, Hamburg’s outer harbour is subject to a unique situation of currents and flows that occasionally lead to restrictions for large vessels leaving or arriving. “Today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the adaptation of the outer harbour entrance is a good example of the investments the Port of Hamburg undertakes to secure a its future”, said Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of the Economy, Transport, and Innovation.

More XXL Vessels Calling at Hamburg

Numbers of large and ultra-large ships will continue to increase over the next years. Thus, the infrastructure of the Port of Hamburg will have to be constantly adjusted to meet the demands of modern shipping and harbour traffic to remain competitive even in the future. This includes the optimisation of the water-side access to all terminals, which not only services the efficiency but also the security and predictability of the waterway. “To implement the smart port, it is extremely important that also the port’s physical infrastructure will meet the requirements. The adaptation of the outer harbour’s terminal entrance will help to ensure that the Port of Hamburg retains its leading role also in the future and allows to make its growth potential available in the long term”. states Jens Meier, CEO of HPA.

Three Phases of Construction

The changes of the outer harbour’s entrance will be implemented by three phases of construction. Covering some four hectares, Tollerortspitze will be dismantled, and the coal harbour filled with the excavated soil. Simultaneously, the waterfront of Tollerort will be newly built, with a 220 metres long quay wall erected and the existing quay wall reinforced over a distance of 90 metres. The project will be completed by securing Lotsenhöfts, with the quay wall reinforced on the eastern side of the outer harbor over a length of 160 meters. The adjustments of the port’s access route allows for a wider tidal window, and thus more time for the arrival and departure of large ships. Entry and exit conditions on the western port area will be adapted accordingly. The optimisation of the outer harbour will increase the maneuverability of larger vessels, and thus improve navigational safety in the port.

More Space for Feeder Ships

By adjusting the access of the outer port, the Hamburg Port Authority also pursues overall objectives. The landfill at coal ship harbour will create additional space urgently needed by the port. The new waiting berths for feeder vessels will reduce the volume of vessel movements. The increased traffic surcharge will allow ships to maneuver more quickly and efficiently, which will lead to reduced emissions in the Port of Hamburg. Project cost are estimated at approximately 98 million euro. Completion is scheduled for early 2017.

Technical Details

Expansion of maneuvering area: around 4 hectares
Landfill (retrieved by dismanteling) ca. 1 mio. m3

Waterfront structure Tollerort:
• new quay at Tollerort approx. 220 metres
• Reinforcement of existing quay approx. 90 metres
• Reinforcement of Lotsenhöft: approx. 160 metres

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