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Hapag-Lloyd hikes coffee transport activities

Brazil is biggest export market - rapid rise in coffee bean trade elsewhere

Hapag-Lloyd is intensifying its coffee-related activities, the company announced Monday (November 21). Around 9 nine million tons of coffee are harvested globally and exported worldwide every year. About one in every hundred containers aboard Hapag-Lloyd vessels holds ground or whole coffee beans – and this figure is rising. Thorsten Haeser, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Hapag-Lloyd AG, said: “Coffee is an extremely sensitive natural product. The crucial factor for our customers worldwide is having a transport that is smooth, professional and tailored to the desires of each individual customer.”

Advice and support at “Export Coffee Desk”

Hapag-Lloyd is boosting its capacities in the key export regions of South America and Asia. The company is also more active in Sales and Customer Service and has set up “Customer Service Coffee Desks” in Hapag-Lloyd offices with increasing volumes of coffee transports. Export customers in Brazil, for instance, receive advice and support at a dedicated “Export Coffee Desk”. A corresponding “Import Coffee Desk” has been set up in Hamburg, Europe’s largest coffee-importing centre.

Around 400,000 tons of annual coffee exports

Haeser pointed out: “The global coffee market is growing, especially in Asia. For example, we are seeing rising demand for coffee in countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Hapag-Lloyd is working intensely on additional sales measures to be able to serve its coffee customers even more flexibly and professionally.”

Every year, around 700,000 tons of coffees are imported and 400,000 tons exported via the port of Hamburg. Three thirds of all the coffee drank in Germany is processed in Hamburg where well-known coffee traders, coffee grinding plants and Europe’s most modern coffee warehouses are all present. The German Coffee Association is based near Speicherstadt.

Many jobs in Hamburg hinge on coffee

Speaking in March on the occasion of Darboven’s 150th anniversary, Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, said: “Many jobs in Hamburg hinge on coffee – from the green coffee agent to the warehouse keeper, roasters and mechanical engineers as well as many small start-ups who are turning the cult surrounding personal (coffee) mixes, roasting and preparation processes into business ideas.” Scholz had presented a Constitutional Portugaleser Medal in silver to Albert Darboven, aka the “coffee king”, who has headed the company for many years.

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