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Hamburg's logistics companies reducing emissions

Companies keen to reduce emissions and make logistics more environment-friendly

Logistics companies in Hamburg are making an extensive contribution to reducing emissions, according to the latest Hamburg Logistics Barometer published Thursday (September 13, 2018). Three quarters of the companies surveyed have taken concrete measures to reduce emissions and offer more environment-friendly logistics services. SMEs are also relying on e.g. alternative drive systems.

Conversion to alternative drives

“We only use Euro 6 vehicles for heavy commercial vehicles. We are trying to save fuel through driver training and tour optimization,” said Dirk Asmus, a logistics expert and chairman of the Chamber of Commerce’s Transport Committee. “We have converted all our passenger cars to electric drives. We generate the traction current required for this with our photovoltaic system or buy in wind power.” The Asmus company is among one-third of the logistics companies surveyed that rely on alternative drive systems and fuels such as electric mobility, liquefied natural gas or hydrogen to reduce emissions.

Representative survey

More efficient use of loading space also helps save emissions. Internet-based freight and hold exchanges are used for this purpose. “Almost 23 per cent rely on this form of emission reduction, which reduces costs at the same time ,” said Christian Koopmann, plenary member and chairman of the Hamburg and Bremen Shipbrokers’ Association. Only a quarter of the logistics companies surveyed are not pursuing any concrete activities to reduce emissions, including companies without their own vehicle fleets.

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About Hamburger Logistikbarometer

The Hamburg Logistics Barometer is conducted annually based on the second quarter by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e.V., the Verband Hamburger und Bremer Schiffsmakler e.V., the Verband Straßengüterverkehr und Logistik Hamburg e.V. and the Verein Hamburger Spediteure e.V. for the second quarter.

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