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Hamburg's Freight Forwarding Industry Is Optimistic

19th New Year reception at fully booked Überseeclub. Positive outlook on 2015

At a fully booked Overseas Club, the Assciation of Hamburg Forwarders (VHSp) hosted its 19th New Year reception with 160 guests. Representatives of the Hamburg Parliament, the freight forwarding industry, the logistics and port industry accepted the invitation to the traditional New Year’s meal. The network meeting of decision-makers in politics and business is held annually to promote the social exchange of information and public relations.

Twelve Points On The Agenda To Be Implemented In 2015

“After a solid development in 2014, we are optimistic about 2015. Our twelve-point plan defined last year, we will effectively tackle the problems in the Port of Hamburg in terms of transport and handling. We expect to be able to fully implement this plan in 2015,” welcomed the club’s managing director Kurt-Jürgen Schimmelpfeng his guests. For Schimmelpfeng, the 19th New Year’s Reception meant also the start of his last year as managing director. With the new year, the VHSp officially expanded its management by appointed Stefan Saß to its board. Saß has been successively taking on new task since January, with Schimmelpfeng handing over the sole responsibility of management to Saß on 1 May.

Saying “Yes” To Olympia

The Chairman of the VHSp, Johan P. Schryver, welcomed in his speech the opportunities and challenges of the upcoming year, including the forthcoming state elections in Hamburg. Schryver also welcomed Hamburg’s application as host of the Olympic Summer Games. However, he warned to keep cost at bay and bear in mind proper functioning of harbour premises during the games. With regard to the pending decision on fairway of the Elbe river, Schryver lost not many word, but commented upon the arrival of the world’s largest container ship CSCL Globe and the necessity of deepening of the Elbe river with the words: “I hope it was not the last time we saw CSCL Globe in the Port of Hamburg.”

Forwarders With A 140-Year-History

As this year’s after-dinner speaker, Axel Plaß, board member and managing partner of Konrad Zippel forwarder, presented personal insights on the 140-year history of his company. Plaß has been steering the group for the past 25 years. In his speech, he took the chance to express his gratitude to staff, partners and the logistics industry.

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About the Association of Hamburg Forwarders

The Association of Hamburg Forwarders, called “Verein Hamburger Spediteure e.V. (VHSp)” in German, was founded in Hamburg in 1884. Today counting 340 members, the VHSp represents the interests of the city’s forwarding companies on a regional, national and international level, and strongly networks with other industry and administrative bodies. In addition to an extensive and diverse range of information, VHSp offers its members competent consultation and regular education and training opportunities. As a collective agreement partner, VHSp acts as employer representative and negotiates wages, salaries and collective bargaining agreements with respective trade unions..

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