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Milestone for Hamburg as New Location of Fraunhofer

With Hamburg now also joining, all 16 German states now jointly co-fund the German research society Fraunhofer

So far, Hamburg had been the only federal state not to be a member. With the start of 2015, the city state will be joining the Joint Science Conference (GWK) to promote the Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research. As a consequence, the Hamburg-based Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML will be integrated into the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics at Dortmund and thus become Hamburg’s first Fraunhofer facility.

Integration to Strengthen Innovation

The integration of the Center for Maritime Logistics and Services into Dortmund’s Fraunhofer site will strengthen the Hamburg institute that will now be jointly funded by the German government and Germany’s 16 federal states. “The evaluation has shown us the great potential of CML in Hamburg. Closely networking with the academic landscape of the Hanseatic city, CML has established itself as a competent partner for the maritime industry and the related logistics industry. We are very pleased that city state signed the agreement”, said Professor Reimund Neugebauer, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Signal for Science and Research

“Hamburg’s GWK Implementation Agreement with he Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is an important step to strengthen the innovative power of science and industry in Hamburg”, said the Hamburg State Minister for Science and Research, Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt. “With the integration, all research facilities jointly funded by the federal states and the German states will be representd in the Hanseatic city. This is an important signal for science in Hamburg. “

USP in Maritime Logistics

Founded as a project group of the Dortmund Fraunhofer IML, the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML has been develoing and optimising processes and systems along the maritime supply chain since 2010. Within practically oriented research projects, CML supports public and private sector clients of port operations as well as from the logistics services industry and from the shipping business. Intense process analysis, dedicated planning tools and fresh ideas combined with a view to green topics helpthe CMS plan and develop innovative solutions for the maritime supply chain.The CML is closely linked to the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH).

Fraunhofer-Standort Hamburg

In Hamburg, two other Fraunhofer research units are located. The Fraunhofer Application Center for Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems (ALR) ist is currently being developed with state funds from Hamburg at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences as a branch of the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (ISIT) in Itzehoe. The center aims to strengthen renewable energy research in Hamburg.

With the European ScreeningPort ESP, a second Fraunhofer facility highly specialised in preclinical drug development has been set up in July 2014 as an affiliate of the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME headquartered in Aachen.

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