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Hamburg - number one harbour for Czech Republic

Over 470,000 containers between Port of Hamburg and Czech terminals in 2016

The Port of Hamburg is proving the number one harbour for the Czech Republic, which has counted among the fastest-growing markets since the European Union’s expansion. The relatively short distance between Hamburg and the central European country means that all kinds of swift transport opportunities for Czech imports and exports are available.

Diverse commercial goods

Around 3 million tons of goods are transported between the Port of Hamburg and the Czech Republic every year. Electronics, chemical goods, machines, fuels and lubricants account for most of the imports. Car parts, automobiles, electronics, machines and chemical products account for Czech exports on Hamburg’s 120 scheduled connections. Commenting during the annual port celebrations on October 12, 2017 in Prague, Vladimir Dobos, Director of Hafen Hamburg Marketing branch in the city, said: “The Czech Republic is one of the most important central European markets for the Port of Hamburg and we are proud that the Port of Hamburg is the number one harbour for the Czech Republic.”

Expanding waterways network

Last year, over 470,000 containers were transported between the Port of Hamburg and Czech container terminals. As the volume of seaport hinterland transport is forecast to rise 54 per cent by 2030, the Port of Hamburg is keen on alternatives to freight transport on road and rail. Ingo Egloff, CEO of Hafen Hamburg Marketing, said: “We want Czech inland ports to be connected reliably to European waterways and guaranteed water depths of the Elbe in Germany. That would benefit inland waterway traffic between the Czech Republic and Hamburg and relieve road and rail traffic.”

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