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Hamburg is hub for new Silk Road in Europe

Hamburg Summit 2018: Chamber of Commerce's China summit focuses on reciprocal investments

Tobias Bergmann, Head of Hamburg’s Chamber of Commerce, stressed Wednesday (November 27, 2018) the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) during the closing lunch of the China Summit. Addressing 450 guests, Bergmann said: “Hamburg will have a key role as terminus and hub of the land and marine Silk Road routes in Europe.” Reciprocal trade was one way towards closer collaboration along the New Silk Road and was the focus of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Hamburg: positive example of co-operation

Hamburg is well on the way to developing infrastructure between different regions of the world, according to Robert Lorenz-Meyer, Co-Conference Chairman. He added: “Hamburg is a positive example of how European and Chinese businesses work together successfully to stimulate innovation and sustainable growth.” The presence of Chinese Vice Premier Liu He stressed the importance China’s government attached to the Chamber of Commerce’s summit, said Lorenz-Meyer. During his keynote, Liu He said: “China and Europe have enormous joint interests in a fair and open environment.” Innovation is also playing an increasingly important role.

Enormous importance of German-Chinese trade relations

The participation of Margrethe Vestager, EU Commissioner for Competition, illustrates that Europe is extending its hand to China for integration in a rule-based international order. During her keynote, Vestager noted: “Europe and China have a shared interest in strengthening the rule-based international system for a global level playing field and fair competition. I hope that our meeting today will confirm these shared objectives to help address these shared objectives within the global rules and avoid unilateral measures.”

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