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Hamburg-based start-up tackling shortage of lorry drivers

Truckjobs' PR campaigns boosting appreciation of lorry drivers on joint web page

The Hamburg-based start-up Truckjobs is developing targeted image campaigns, producing video clips, establishing social media communities and holding keynotes at diverse events to stir up greater appreciation of drivers among young people in the sector. The company uses an algorithm to bring truck drivers and hauliers together on its web page.

Viral videos on social networks

One of the company’s videos entitled: „Genervt von Lastwagen auf der Straße? Dieses Video wird deine Meinung ändern!“ (Annoyed by trucks on the road? This video will change your mind”) stresses the importance of lorry drivers for society and went viral on Facebook. The video was shared almost 10,000 times on Facebook and reached a total of over 893,000 people and 28,000 immediate reactions i.e. comments and likes. Another video called „Für die, die Dir den Rücken freihalten“, (“For those who leave you time for the essentials”) targets drivers’ families and triggered enthusiasm on a similar scale.

Bringing drivers and hauliers together

Daniel Stancke, founder of Truckjobs, and his team are breaking new ground to brush up the image of the truck driver’s profession: “We know that the job is not particularly exciting for young people at first glance. Our own campaigns focus on the attractive and exciting aspects of the profession and express our appreciation for it. We have received great feedback – also from young people who are looking for an apprenticeship as a truck driver. This commitment is close to our heart and matches our core business goal of bringing good truck drivers and forwarding companies into a long-term working relationship with each other.”

The start-up uses an intelligent algorithm to bring together truck drivers and hauliers. In addition to technical criteria, the algorithm also filters the location of the respective registrations. Regional freight forwarders benefit from the pre-selection and make swifter contact with qualified drivers from the same region.


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