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DPD to convert to electric vehicles by 2019

DPD's parcel deliveries to be zero-emission in future - first urban micro depot operational

International parcel and express delivery service DPD aims to convert all its parcel deliveries in Hamburg’s inner city to electrically powered vehicles by summer 2019 at the latest, a press release said Monday (November 19, 2018). This comprises zero-emission and local deliveries in Altstadt, Neustadt, HafenCity, St. Georg and Hammerbrook, as well as in the Steinwerder and Kleiner Grasbrook districts. DPD is relying on a mix of compact vehicles, including delivery bikes and e-scooters, as well as larger vehicles such as fully electric transporters and trucks. The purchase of these vehicles will be subsidized in part in terms of the model project under Hamburg’s leadership. Plans are being laid for several micro depots in the urban delivery to distribute the parcels with smaller electric vehicles.

Various electric vehicles used

Boris Winkelmann, CEO of DPD Germany, said: “Following a number of tests, we are now converting for the first time on a large scale to fully electric vehicles in Hamburg’s inner city. We are looking to gain valuable insights into the long-term performance of different electric vehicles – in particular with respect to high-volume deliveries and collection for commercial customers and recipients.” VW e-Crafters with a maximum range of 160 kilometres, which are particularly suited to short delivery trips with multiple stops, will be used instead of the current diesel-powered vehicles. Delivery bikes and e-scooters have already been tested and are expected to find greater use on account of their flexibility and efficiency. Delivery staff using an e-scooter can as a rule drive right up to the front door without any difficulty unlike traditional transporters, which need a suitable place to stop. At best this saves time and eases traffic conditions in the inner city. The use of fully electric trucks for collecting from and delivering to large customers is currently in the planning.

Urban micro depots for delivery bikes and e-scooters

While the larger electric vehicles can set out from the DPD parcel depot in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, DPD is combining the use of smaller electric vehicles with urban micro depots, which are small handling points in the urban delivery area. They are supplied with parcels in the morning by truck or small transporter. Final distribution in the delivery area is done by delivery bike or e-scooter. The first Hamburg micro depot was commissioned in October 2018: The e-scooters are parked in an underground car park in Hamburg’s HafenCity, where they are charged overnight and then loaded up with parcels during the day.

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