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Digitisation Improves digitisation Emergency Rescue Services

Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) tests the new IT security software PORTprotect. Port railway to be furnished with axle sensors

Flooding is a constant threat to Hamburg and its port. During heavy storm surges, the so-called “Hafenstab” (HASTA) of the Hamburg Port Authricy will meet and closely co-operate with the public bodies of the Free and Hanseatic Cit yof Hamburg involved in disaster control. In a case of emergency, its task will include, inter alia, the warning of the population as well as the organisation of evacuationsin co-operation with the district offices of Harburg and Altona. In future, the HASTA and its partners will be supported in their efforts by the IT application PORTprotect. Since mid-September, PORTprotects has been tested in HASTA’s operations centre. In mid-2016, operations with the new software will officially start.

IT System With Three Components

PORTprotect consists of three elements. A digital entry form enables you to collect and locate important databefore it is being, analysed, evaluated and prioritised. A port map will locate messages and warnings, and thus provide the crisis team with real time info of the storm surge in the harbour. The data located is being complemented by weather warning of the flood warning service WADi. Fed with all digital data available, the interactive touchscreen table allows experts to jointly analyse dangerous situations and to co-ordinate necessary actions.

Faster Overview – and Better Aid

“Not only the very severe storm surge of December 2013, where water levels of 6.09 metres even surpassed the height of 1962’s devastating storm surge has shown that detailed planning and well-informed emergency response team is crucial to surviving such an event”, says Jens Meier, CEO of HPA. “By implementing PORTprotect, we want to ensure a fast, complex, comprehensive and detailed presentation of the emergency situation in real time, which allows to take the right steps in civil protection. Digitisation allows quick access to resources and information. “

Smart Tags for the Port Railway

Also the port railway relies on digitisation. As part of the pilot project smartSWITCH, selected switches have been equipped with multi-sensors that deliver real-time infos on any changes in the setting of the course and any train passing. This data will be used to better predict the wear of the switch. At critical points of the tracks, additional axle sensors are currently being installed. In the western harbour, these “smart tags” will deliver relevant data, and particularly from the terminal gates. Based on the data, the Port of Hamburg will be able to improve the efficiency of the port railway.

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