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Dakosy startet, die digitale Tauschplattform für Leercontainer © HHM/Michael Lindner

Digital exchange platform for empty containers launched in port

Dakosy’s new platform aims to improve considerably the reuse of empty containers in Hamburg’s port

Software service provider Dakosy launched operation of the new platform on July 24, 2018 as successor to the Virtual Depot, operated by Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) since 2016. Dakosy plans rapid integration of the platform with the import and export platforms (IMP and EMP) for the port of Hamburg and to equip it with EDI interfaces, with the aim of offering customers a considerable improvement in handling empty containers. The platform is not limited to the port area and its immediate hinterland, but can be used right across Europe.

Saving time and money

Among the platform’s customers are packaging companies, hauliers, importers and exporters, as well as of course container shipping companies. The objective is to cut the transport of empty containers, achieving savings in time and money for everyone. Traditionally, packaging companies and hauliers take their import containers to a container depot after they have been unpacked. The containers are stored there until they are needed by other logistics operators for their export business. This process is radically slimmed down with

Efficient exchange

A packaging company offers its unpacked import container online via the platform for a particular period. If another logistics company reserves the container within the timespan indicated, the container can be transported immediately to the company without intervening storage – provided that the carrier, who is also linked to the platform, is in agreement. If a deal is done, at least one trip by the empty container is saved, namely the trip to the depot. When import containers are released to be used by the same company for export, this is even more advantageous. Then there is no physical transport at all, and the customer makes the greatest savings.

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