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Hamburg's Customs Services Continue Successful Work

The customs services of the five northern states generated 38 billion euros in tax revenue - and thus more than a third of all German customs revenue

The customs officers in Hamburg, Lower Saxony (Principal Customs Office Oldenburg), Bremen, Mecklenburg-Pomerania, and Schleswig-Holstein generated more than 38 billion euro in tax revenue last, with the north thus contributing 31.7 per cent to the national duties. The highest customs revenues in the north were generated by the energy tax with over 19 billion euro and import turnover tax of around 15 billion euro.

20 Million Shipments Handled in Hamburg

A focal area of work was once again the Port of Hamburg, which enjoyed a 4.3 per cent growth to 9.7 million TEU in container last year. In the Port of Hamburg, customs officers monitored more than 20 million shipments from importers and exporters, with 7.5 billion euro in duties and import VAT retrieved for the European Union and the German federal budget.

28,500 Perfume Fakes Discovered

In addition to fast and smooth running of the clearance of goods at the ports, the customs officers successfully found many dangerous goods and counterfeit products, and hindered their access to EU markets. Among other things, they found about 1,500 illegal expandable batons and 28,500 perfume fakes. For the latter, the customs prevented an economic loss of about two million euros. Shortly before the end of the year, the inspecting officers achieved another notable success by detecting three tonnes of illegal fireworks and a large number of illegal weapons in Hamburg.

Fightling Illegal Employment

In the fight against undeclared work and illegal employment in the north, a total loss of about 77 million euro has been prevented by Northern German customs. In their 7,900 audits, customs officers of North BFD surveyed 70,860 people. 12,350 criminal cases and 4,877 penalty proceedings followed the audits

Increased Attemps Of Smuggling Drugs and Cigarettes

In total, 1,414 procedures were initiated by Hamburg’s customs, and thus 90 cases more than last yeast (+ 6.8 per cent). Particularly successful were the tax collectors in the prosecution of illegal drugs and contraband cigarettes, with 46,700,000 pieces of untaxed cigarettes found in 2014.

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