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Commuting along Hamburg's cycle paths

Otto and Philips ease switch to bike - conditions crucial

This year’s Stadradeln campaign has proven a great success and saw residents of Hamburg cycle around 1.259 million kilometres between August 30 and September 19, 2019 – almost double the 630,000 kilometres clocked up in 2018.“The results of Hamburg’s cycling campaign are first-class. I would like to thank the almost 6,500 participants for their weeks of commitment,” said Jens Kerstan Senator for the Environment. Several members of Otto’s workforce had also taken to their bikes this summer. “Our team covered more than 20,000 kilometres,” said Eugenia Mönning, a spokesperson for the online retailer.

Cycling for climate and health

During the campaign, companies across Hamburg and their employees left their cars at home and hopped on their bikes as part of the City Cycling international campaign organised by the Climate Alliance and the Allgemeinen Deutschen Fahrrad-Club (ADFC) on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment and Energy. The network includes cities, municipalities and rural districts keen on protecting the climate. The 1,700 members in 26 European countries are encouraged to cycle and transform their personal means of mobility in a bid to reduce congestion, noise and stress levels. The health benefits are incalculable and the overall effort improves the quality of air. Naturally, the criteria for achieving all these goals must be in place.

Facilities and incentives at Otto

At Otto, employees who cycle to work can take a shower at the company and store their belongings in lockers. Mönning pointed out: “We have three secure areas for over 1,000 bicycles on campus in addition to ordinary *bicycle parking spaces.” Minor repairs can be done and tyres can be pumped up at two repair stations. A mix of public transport and bicycles is an ideal alternative for many employees and Otto offers both financial and a logistical incentives. “We offer all employees a “job ticket“ and our own Stadtrad station with 45 bikes has been in place since the end of April,” Mönning added.

Leasing work bicycles at Philips

Philips Stadtrad-Station

A Stadtrad station has also been set up outside Philips headquarters in Hamburg. “We took care of that as soon as we moved into the new building in Fuhlsbüttel in 2015,” said Annette Halstrick, Public Relations Officer. Employees can borrow or lease a bike. “If our employees opt for a work bicycle, which is paid for through a salary conversion, they get a reduced leasing rate, a tax discount and they benefit from favourable quantity buyer conditions at Philips. “Their relatives can also use the work bicycle on a daily basis, during their free time, at weekends and on holidays ….in everyday life, at their leisure, on weekends and during holidays. The City of Hamburg provides a road service cleaning and removing fallen leaves to ensure that cyclists reach their destination safely in winter

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Bicycle Traffic in Hamburg

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