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Logistics to present sector during Port Anniversary celebrations

17 port and logistics companies to present apprenticeships and career prospects

Occupation and career prospects in the harbour and logistics sector will be presented in a special, 40-foot purpose-built container during the upcoming Port Anniversary celebrations from May 5-7, 2017. Around 130,000 employees work in jobs linked directly or indirectly to the harbour and logistics sector making it a key employer in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. And around 379,000 people are employed in the logistics sector in the neighbouring states of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The sector offers many diverse professions. Ingo Egloff, a Board Member of Hafen Hamburg Marketing e. V., said: “We will be promoting work in the port and logistics under the theme ‘Hamburg – Your Port’ and seek direct contact to interested people who want information about the port and logistics location during the world’s biggest harbour festival.”

Power of innovation in logistics sector

Many professions in the 21st century are characterised by innovative technology, globally-linked processes and promise interesting tasks. The exhibitors will give an overview of apprenticeships and professions in the harbour and logistics sector. Staff will be on hand to answer any queries from students, young professionals and career changers. “Many career starters are unaware of the power of innovation in the logistics sector. We wish to alter that by offering information and changing the image of the port and logistics sector,” said Egloff.

Local and international logistics service providers

Apart from Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V., some 16 exhibitors including Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), the Logistik-Initiative Hamburg and six quartiersmann’ companies in addition to DHL und BUSS will be on hand for a chat and give more information.

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