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Blockchain to facilitate secure logistics

German Education and Research Ministry to subsidize Hansebloc blockchain innovation with EUR 1.9 million

The transmission of reliable information is a key component in the smooth handling of goods shipments. While there may be numerous software solutions and interfaces, there are few uniform standards, and this leads to suboptimal linkage between the various systems. Mistakes occur and the door is opened to manipulation. The Hansebloc project now aims to find a durable solution to this problem using blockchain technology.

Secure against fraud and automated

Blockchain technology facilitates the exchange of information secure against fraud and in a uniform way. To do so, identical digital records are stored decentralized at various points in a network. This results in a divided databank that can only be altered with the consent of the entire network. The Hansebloc project will in this way facilitate the secure electronic exchange of consignment notes. Data losses caused by disrupted communications media are avoided, automated processes across organizations are facilitated, and freedom from manipulation and confidentiality of the information is guaranteed.

Grant for project

The German Education and Research Ministry (BMBF) is backing the Hanseatic Blockchain Innovations for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (HANSEBLOC) in the framework of subsidies for strategic SMEs innovation alliances in networks and clusters. The project, which runs until September 2020, has a total budget of some EUR 3.1 million euros, some EUR 1.9 million of which is being made available by the BMBF. The Logistik-Initiative Hamburg is co-ordinating the project.

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