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Bicyles at centre of mobility mix in Hamburg

Hamburg expanding cycle routes - Hochbahn creating Bike+Ride stations - pilot test of mix - no cars

Bicycles are quiet, do not pollute and take up hardly any space on roads and in parking areas making two-wheelers ideal for travelling short and medium distances. Bicycles can easily be easily combined with other means of transport.

Alliance for Cycling

In June 2016, Olaf Scholz, then Mayor of Hamburg, formed an Alliance for Cycling with senators and authorities in charge of bicycle traffic, the city’s seven district managers and the chairpersons of the district assemblies. The alliance aims to complete a 280-kilometre long network of 14 veloroutes for cyclists by 2020 and expand regional routes and parking spaces at key train stations.

Rising number of comfy Bike+Ride stations

Park&Ride Betriebsgesellschaft mbH is targeting another 12,000 parking spaces by 2025, including lockable parking spaces. In early May, the Bike+Ride station at the Hoheluftbrücke underground station went into operation with 420 parking spaces. Ohlstedt’s Bike+Ride station is already proving a hit. Users can connect some 200 bicycles to hangers or store them in covered double-decker parkers on the ground floor or one floor higher using a hand lift. A collective locking system, extra lockers for luggage and sockets for e-bikes’ batteries are also available. Plans for the new Altona long-distance railway station in Diebsteich – one of Hamburg’s main urban development and transport infrastructure projects – also foresees a bicycle-parking garage with around 1,000 parking spaces.

StadtRAD Hamburg – rise to 4,500 rental bikes possible

StadtRAD may expand its offers considerably over the next years. Launched in 2009 with 67 rental stations and 800 bicycles, in late 2017 the rental system had over 200 stations with almost 2,500 bicycles. Another 145 stations may be built by 2028 bringing the total of rental bicycles to 4,500, according to Hamburger Abendblatt. From spring 2019, 20 electricity-run bikes can be hired at select stations. StadtRAD has issued a tender across Europe for a new operator as the contract with the present operator, Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH, expires in late 2018. The StadtRAD stations are part of the “switch” movement. People in Hamburg can switch between trains, buses, cars and bikes (sharing) at 16 hubs in the city. project – being mobile without your own car

The project goes a step further – away from suburban and subway stations and out into residential areas. Pilot tests are being carried out in Ottensen and Eimsbüttel to see whether shared cars, scooters, bicycles and freight bicycles can replace private cars. The offers are being tailored as closely as possible to local residents’ needs. However, talks first have to be held with citizens to identify their mobility needs and to make shared mobility a genuine alternative to private cars. Public events with information stands and surveys about mobility behaviour should yield more specific information.

“Urban Travel Monitor“ – choice of transport and reasons

The Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation, BMW AG, the district authorities in Altona and Eimsbüttel and Hamburger Hochbahn AG are partners to the project. The steg Stadterneuerungs- und Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Hamburg mbH, the market research institute LDB Mica Research GmbH and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are responsible for on-site communication. KIT has developed the so-called “Urban Travel Monitor” (UTM), which records everyday and occasional mobility as well as the background to a person’s choice of transport.

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