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Bertling Groupe Celebrates 150 Year Anniversary

Committed to freight forwarding for 150 years, the Hamburg shipping line and logistics company is a global player with 80 branches in 40 countries

Through constant adoption to the changed requirements, initiative, foresight and expertise, the F.H. Bertling Group successfully circumnavigated political challenges and created the robust global business that it is celebrating this summer its 150-year anniversary as a global shipping and logistics specialist.

In the Hanseatic Spirit

Founded in June 1865 initially as a ship owning and operating company in Luebeck, a Hanse city north of Hamburg on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Bertling has come a long way. 23 years young, Friedrich H. Bertling had the aim of providing transportation links throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Leveraging his connections with decision-makers and local authorities, Friedrich H. Bertling – by that time Senator of Luebeck and Consul of the Kingdom of Norway – stressed the need for linking German industrial centres with Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Driven by this vision, Bertling founded his own transportation company specialising in ship owning, chartering and freight forwarding. By 1900, regular liner services were linking Luebeck with port in Baltic Sea region like Riga and Kaliningrad. Two world wars, and the global economic crisis of the 1970s forced Bertling to readjust its business. To meet the new challenges, Bertling left Lübeck, which has lost its traditional hinterland, and chose Hamburg as new headquarters, with a logistics division added in 1974.

Shipping and Logistics Services around the Globe

Today, Bertling employs over 1,500 people at 80 branches in 40 countries, providing expertise in ship broking, freight forwarding and naval architecture, supported by in house IT, legal and accountancy departments. Bertling’s fleet comprises 14 general cargo carriers, five bulk cargo freighters, and two tankers for chemicals and other produce. All logistics and shipping activities are steered and monitored by an advanced IT, developed in-house by Bertling EDI Service & IT GmbH, Bertling’s own IT company.

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