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ARTE and NDR to Jointly Portray the Port of Hamburg in Television

History of the Port of Hamburg to be illustrated by interviews, testimonials and documentaries

The Hamburg-based broadcaster NDR and ARTE are currently producing a documentary on the history of the Port of Ham urg Hamburg. The 90-minute journey through time under the working title “Giant of the North – the Port of Hamburg” will showcase the port’s fascinating history from 1189 until today for the very first time. Filming starts on August 4 on the Elbe island of Krautsand. Further locations will include the Hanseatic ports of Stade and Bremen

From the Hanseatic League to the Industrial Revolution

Written by Cristina Trebbi, the film will be directed by Stefan Schneider. Producer of the documentary bis the production company Gruppe5Film, with broadcasting scheduled for next year. Using documentary sequences, expert interviews, archival footage and computer animation for the production, the film will go back to the port’s early beginnings in the 12th century. The documentary will tell the rise and fall of the Hanseatic League, its development into an international port after the discovery of America, and the rapid changes in handling brought along by the Industrial Revolution.

Everyday Stories of the “Little People”

The report spans into the present and points out the recurrent economic, technical and social challenges the port had to face since its beginnings. Also to be illuminated will be everyday story of the “little people” with their often harsh living conditions. Short theatre interludes will bring alive important turning points of the port’s history: its foundation by an alleged privilege of the Emperor Barbarossa, the “French period” during the continental blockade early 19th century and the decision to build an open tidal port.

Producer of the film is Stefan Schneider. The editorial team includes Dirk Neuhoff (NDR documentation & Broadcasting), Maiken Nielsen (NDR Landesfunkhaus Hamburg) and Monika Schäfer (NDR / ARTE). The film is funded by the Northern media – film and media company Lower Saxony / Bremen mbH.

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