Edition 10/2017
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Who are the people driving corporate innnovations? What makes a company creative? Firms from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region launch many innovative products on the market. Not seldom, they have been invented by young minds working at home in their parents’ garage and later morph into successful business models for globally operating market leaders such as Hidden Champions.

Read our newsletter focusing on “Innovations from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region” that presents products from Hamburg for global markets, materials that are revolutionising entire sectors and an ingenious inventor who supplies mountaineers, campers and canoeists with “Menus for Adventurers”.

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Hamburg News Editors

CFK Valley in Stade

CFK Valley - composites of the future

Know-how cluster in Stade making Hamburg Metropolitan Region skilled centre for material of future

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Umweltinitiative Green Kayak ist ab sofort auch in Hamburg aktiv

Outdoor Food Shop offering "Menus for Adventurers"

Ready-to-eat food for mountaineers and canoeists - business idea launched by outdoors fan in Hamburg Metropolitan Region

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Transporter mit superleichtem Fahrgestell aus Carbon

CarbonTT - future of transporters

Transporters designed to take care of last mile - payload usually limited to a ton: Region-based company aiming for higher load

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Stefan Ritt, Head of Global Marketing & Communications der SLM Solutions Group AG

SLM Solutions: trailblazers of a quiet revolution

Lübeck-based pioneer of 3D technology

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Jimdo - websites for everyone

Farm near Cuxhaven proved starting point - Jimdo among big internet players with over 20 million clients

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