Edition 9/2016
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Modern working environments are becoming more and more flexible and new office and communication models are booming. Hamburg News recently presented a series on co-working spaces in the region. Hamburg’s biggest 4,000 square metre co-working space is due to open in April. Up to 600 jobs will be created there. The Israeli company Mindspace chose Hamburg and Berlin for its first international branches. This is likely to boost the Hanseatic city’s vibrant founder scene and give the location yet another competitve edge.

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Keynote ""Diskutieren Sie mit" - die Hamburger Regierung in den Sozialen Medien"

More delegates at Social Media Week Hamburg 2016

Organizers say digital conference went well. Partner network in Hamburg expanded again

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Coworking-Space von Mindspace in Tel Aviv

New co-working space opens in Hamburg

Plenty of co-working offices for founders and freelancers. Really comfy workspace now added

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Mediathek von Rocket Beans TV

Live streaming gets gaming element

Hamburg start-up Rocket Beans TV uses potential of online television. Viewers take part also

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International Summit of Physics in Hamburg

Hamburg opens series of spring meetings of the German Physical Society. 1,200 physicists from Germany and overseas meet at the University of Hamburg

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Researchers in Hamburg and Dresden develop HIV gene scissors

Recombinase Brec1 may point the way in HIV therapy. First clinical trial planned in Hamburg

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Team-Segeln mit Nord Event

Events can turn colleagues into teams

Hamburg's maritime atmosphere holds many opportunities for team building

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