Edition 51/2016
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2016 has proved a successful and eventful year for commerce in Hamburg. Many companies are likely to face crucial decisions next year as digital transformation remains a huge challenge for mid-sized companies. Commerce in the north is well placed in many growth sectors as an overview of concluded and planned projects shows. Over the coming weeks, Hamburg News will present a brief series of internationally successful firms in the region.

This news and other topics from Hamburg and its metropolitan region will be featured in this week’s edition of our newsletter. All topics mentioned therein are summaries of news presented in depth on the business platform Hamburg News. You can access the bilingual platform at

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Review and outlook - Hamburg well placed for 2017

Hamburg boasts dynamic economy and high standard of living as 2016 nears end

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Windrad Photovoltaik

Energy companies increase co-operation

EU Interreg North Sea Programme putting EUR 5.3 million towards project - aims to set up platform for SMEs

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Containerterminal im Hamburger Hafen

North German states push for digitalisation of maritime economy

Senators and ministers meeting in Hamburg agree on new targets for Industry 4.0, Labour 4.0, environment-friendly shipping

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Restaurant "The Table"

New hotels, award-winning cusine and shopping in Hamburg

Ten top restaurants in Hamburg win 15 Michelin stars - luxury offers growing in more sectors

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Findeling Gründer Florian Schneider und Katharina Walter

Findeling supporting small retailers in Hamburg

Shopping at night and vouchers for owner-run businesses - focus on unique, local trade

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Ministry for Science and Research fund model course at UKE

iMED DENT offers students early introduction to surgery - UKE already has good experiences with other model

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Hamburg's Chamber of Commerce starts co-operation exchange

Platform helps firms find suitable partners - also attractive for universities and colleges

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