Edition 41/2016
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The pressure on banks to change is higher than ever. Digitalisation, low interest rates, sinking profit margins and increasing regulations are making extensive transformations necessary. What role can financial start-ups play in that process? The first German Fintech Week in Hamburg, a hotspot of pioneers in the sector, is underway until Friday. Delegates there are focusing on this and other issues during bankathons, bar camps and the “Fintech-Fuckup-Night”. The underlying theme is to fail smartly and to see errors as a motivation.

This news and other topics from Hamburg and its metropolitan region will be featured in this week’s edition of our newsletter. All topics mentioned therein are summaries of news presented in depth on the business platform Hamburg News. You can access the bilingual platform at

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Helmut Schmidt-Schriftzug am Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport honours Helmut Schmidt

Name of airport to be extended in coming weeks - lettering is first step

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Radisson Blue Hotel Hamburg Airport

Hotel investors focusing on Hamburg

Successful settlement talks at Europe's biggest fair for commercial properties

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Top 5 hotels in Hamburg

Five star hotels attract international and solvent guests to Hamburg

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XFEL starts commissioning world’s biggest X-ray laser

Hamburg Metropolitan Region set for leading role in X-ray research with EUR 1.5 billion XFEL research plant

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Mexican companies heading for Hamburg

Economic delegation expected in mid October in Hamburg

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Bankathon and Fuckup night as Fintech Week debuts in Hamburg

Bankathon, financial bar camp and pitching events. Hamburg becoming hotspot for financial start-ups

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Five tips from Google evangelist Jeremy Abbett

Question the status quo often, bringing varied perspectives together - Google evangelist Jeremy Abbett's tips for success

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