Edition 32/2016
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Hardly any other issue is subject to the amount attention paid to digitization. Whoever misses digitization today is gambling the future for an unforeseeable length of time. Cities are models for digital transformation of economy and society, according to Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel, Director of HWWI. In a guest commentary for Hamburg News, he explains why Hamburg could play a leading role therein.

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Mood good in north German wholesale and foreign trade

Dealers in north earn real sales increase of 2.7 per cent in second quarter - far better than previous quarter

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Hamburg is becoming capital of digitalisation

Hamburg could become a model for successful digital transformation in Germany, says Professor Henning Vöpel, Director of HWWI in a guest commentary

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Passagenviertel / Alte Post

Hamburg's shopping malls get EUR 4.5 million cash injection

New business improvement districts to be created downtown and in Harburg. Owners promise investments

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Digitale Trends in der Logistik

Digital trends in logistics

From 3D printers to assistance systems in intra logistics - divergent use of intelligent technology in logistics sector

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Neuro Flash: Neuer Ansatz für intelligente Marktforschung

Neuro Flash uses new approach to intelligent market research

Startup SERIES - Part 9: Market research based on neuropsychology and big data promises valid results quickly

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Zeit Wissen-Nachhaltigkeits-Preis 2016: Dr. August Oetker mit den Preisträgern von Werner & Mertz GmbH

Zeit-Verlag adds new category for start-ups to sustainability prize 2017

Entrepreneuers focusing on sustainability - deadline for applications ends in mid August

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