Edition 25/2016
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Is China a rival or co-operative partner? Firms in Hamburg are taking a keen interest in China’s investment strategies and innovations offensive. Companies in Hamburg could certainly profit from these developments, an event held recently in the Chamber of Commerce has found. The upcoming “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe” to be held in autumn will also highlight this subject. However, at present, all eyes are on Britain as the world waits with baited breath for the outcome of the Brexit referendum. A win by the “leave” bloc would also have a negative impact on commerce in Hamburg.

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Hamburg's economic ties with Britain

Britons vote Thursday on Brexit. Leaving the EU could impact Hamburg's economy

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China Time 2010 chinesischer Markt

Is China a rival or co-operating partner?

China's innovation offensive holds business opportunities for Hamburg's firms. Key issue at upcoming "Hamburg Summit"

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1 million euro for cyber security project at Hamburg university

EU funds CANVAS international research network. Focus is on digitalization in health sector, financial system and national security

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Maschinen am Hamburger Flughafen

Hamburg Airport adds more new destinations to flight schedule

Direct flight to Istanbul from July. New connections to Eastern Europe from Hamburg Airport

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City provides funds for free music scene in Hamburg

Hamburg Cultural Authority makes EUR 1.1 in funds available to promote music. More funds especially for free music scene

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Junge Leute Landungsbrücken

Hamburg start-up, audioguideMe, develops app for newcomers

"Hello Hamburg" app to make public institutions accessible. More collaborations planned

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