Edition 22/2016
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Hamburg, Germany’s biggest location in civil aviation, is taking centre stage at the ILA Berlin Air Show this year. Giants like Airbus and several suppliers will attend the show underway from June 1-4, 2016. North German states are also hosting a joint exhibition at the fair.

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Airbus Hamburg / Luftfahrtindustrie

Hamburg has six winning projects in "Land of Ideas" competition

Aviation cluster Hamburg is among winners of nationwide innovation competiton "Landmarks in Land of Ideas"

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Hamburg as centre of aviation present at ILA

North German states to present jointly at aviation fair. New start-up day on second day at fair

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Containerschiff Hamburger Hafen

Shipping 4.0: SMM's digital conference

Smart shipping and big data among issues at upcoming Maritime Future Summit. Emphasis on digitalization and automation in sector

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Hörsaal Universität Hamburg

Funding for Hamburg Center for Health Economics extended

Federal Research Ministry awards EUR 2.1 million for expansion of research centre at University of Hamburg

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Music Worx Day

Five accelerator programmes from Hamburg

Knowledge collaboration occurs in all kinds of sectors - from media to aviation

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IT Business Hafen

IFB Hamburg plans new loan for start-ups

Martin Jung, Department Head of Innovation and Business Development at IFB Hamburg, discusses new funds and start-ups in Hamburg

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