Edition 16/2016
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Users and purchaser will only remain loyal to a brand when it’s impact goes beyond the mere product message and fascinates consumers, said Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, a member of the executive board of the Art Directors Club and Managing Director of Creation Jung von Matt/Elbe in an interview with Hamburg News. The fourth edition of the festival of the Arts Directors Club, one of the biggest events in Germany’s communication sector, gets underway today and lasts until Sunday (April 20-24, 2016). Over 15,000 visitors are expected.

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Bridge builders from Germany and Europe meet in Hamburg

EUR 56 million to be spent on bridge maintenance in Hamburg this year. Civil engineers needed

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ADC festival in Hamburg points to key advertising trends

Hamburg News talks to Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, Member of ADC Presidium, about the highlights of the key advertising event in the German-language region

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"City is well equipped for globalization", says Friedrich Görtz

German Family Business Association meets in Hamburg - interview with regional head of Hamburg branch

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Virtual depot to relieve roads in Hamburg port

Hamburg Port Authority aims to reduce empty container transports with new project

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Hamburger Filiale von Hi Fi Klubben

Hi-Fi Klubben arrives in Hamburg

Danish retail store chain opens first German shop in Hamburg. Many Swedish companies expanding to city also

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Lübecker Altstadt

Hanseatic city of Lübeck launches new festival

Foodtrucks, local bands and guided museum tours await visitors of HanseKulturFestival

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