Edition 31/2015
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the summer heat is returning to Hamburg this week. In these times, it’s enjoyable to read how Hamburg based companies and the city itself are commiting themselves to support the enviroment. Both the Otto Group and AIDA Cruises, major local enterprises, can display positive tendencies in their sustainability reports – especially the emission of CO2 is being reduced. The city Hamburg plans to support this trend in private households as well and starts funding green areas on rooftops with up to 40 percent of the total costs. The green areas not only help conserving the climate, but also relieve the sewage system during rainy days. And as everybody from Hamburg knows: these days will sooner or later return.

This news and other topics from Hamburg and its metropolitan region will be featured in this week’s edition of our newsletter. All topics mentioned therein are summaries of news presented in depth on the business platform Hamburg News. You can access the bilingual platform at

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Otto Group Achieves Clear Reduction in CO2 Emissions

Sustainability Report reveals: Otto Group reduced its location-, transport- and mobility-related CO2 emissions in 2014 by 24 per cent compared to 2006

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AIDA Cruises presents 2015 Sustainability Report

AIDA Cruises presented its latest Sustainability Report, "AIDA cares 2015", in Hamburg on 24 July. CO2 reductions and alternative energies are at the heart of the document.

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Hamburg supports green roofs

Attractive funding conditions for green roof constructions. Private house owners with roof tops that support planting will proft of a 40 per cent funding starting in August

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Holtzbrinck Digital joins Hamburg startup

The Holtzbrinck Publishing Group's holding company has taken an 18 per cent stake in The young company wants to expand its market leadership

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SLAC and DESY to Intensify Co-Operation

The U.S. research centre SLAC and DESY joined forces at bilateral strategy meeting

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Exhibition "VorBILDER" Opened in Hamburg

Hamburg joins national campaign showcasing leading figures from sports and po­li­tics that stand up united against extreme-right politics

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