Edition 27/2015
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Green mobility is not only a key issue for individuals, but also high on the agenda with companies in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. To support them in their efforts, Hamburg launched Mobil.Pro.Fit.® as one of the country’s pioneers. In addition to smaller and medium-sized enterprises such as the co-operative Hamburger Wohnen, Hansa Funktaxi, and civic enterprises as GMH Gebäude Management Hamburg, also the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Sparda-Bank Hamburg and Hamburg Netz participate in the project.

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Hamburg's Hotel Market Continues Its Positive Development

Large event like the city's port anniversary and international congress stimulate growth. Highest occupancy rate of Germany's top MICE locations

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Kick-Off of Mobil.Pro-Fit in Hamburg

Hamburg promotes corporate mobility in a national pilot project. Business travel and commuting of employees is also to be optimised along green guidelines

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Beschleunigertunnel XFEL

Unique Experiments at European X-Ray laser XFEL

New options for materials research, ultrafast chemistry and structural biology. Helmholtz to fund Desy's XFEL with 30 million euro

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Hamburg’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site

Committee has approved Hamburg’s application for the Speicherstadt and Chilehaus with Kontorhaus District

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LaborX moves to Hamburg

Start-up expert Günter Faltin launches his lab on entrepreneurship in Hamburg. The series events helps founders to start or expand their business

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SERIES: Co-Working Spaces in Hamburg: InnoHub

With InnoHub, InnoGames,provides co-working spaces with great added value. Next to offices or desk space, mentoring and industry networking are included

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