Edition 18/2015
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Hamburg is on its way to become a leader for innovative, smart cities. Already recognised internationally for its „smartPort“, the Hanseatic city is now about to set new standards also in terms of living, with Lars Hinrichs, founder of the German career network XING, investing into the Apartimentum, in his view the “smartest house in Germany“. The intelligent new form of housing is made possible by the Internet of Things.

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City Health Study Commenced By University Medical Centre

The world's largest local health survey officially started. 45,000 Hamburg residents to be examined. First results by 2016

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XING Presents the "Apartimentum" in Hamburg

Lars Hinrichs, founder of the business network XING, is currently building a smart home that is Germany's most intelligent house

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Airbus Foundation And Humedica Co-ordinate Relief Flight To Nepal

Eight medical doctors and more than five tonnes of relief goods and medical equipment sent

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Partnership for Global Energy Transformation

Hamburg-based LichtBlick to integrate Tesla Battery Storage into Energy Markets

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Cape Dover auf der Elbe

Trend Towards Larger Vessels Continues

China and Russia largest trade partners of the Port of Hamburg. More cruise ships mooring at Germany's largest universal port

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"ancora boat show" @Neustadt

Germany's biggest in-water boat show with new highlights on both land and sea. Many premieres of German and European manufacturers celebrated 29-31 May 2015

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