Edition 17/2015
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increasingly, business ideas by Hamburg startups do not only focus on economic success, but also pursue humanitarian goals. Charity Gameslab invites online gamblers to donate to charities by simply watching ads briefly interrupting the game. The startup Birds and Trees supports therapy with games and gadgets, and the founders of Blackboard slow down today’s hectic life with their innovative 24-hour watches.

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Airbus' first A320 neo

Hamburg's Top 100 Employers By Staff Figures

With 12,700 employees, Airbus is the largest employer of the Hamburg Metrolitan Region, followed by Asklepios, German Lufthansa AG, and Otto

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Business Intelligence: Otto Group Started Data Science Challenge

To solve complex IT issues, Otto Group is increasingly involving international communities. Competitions launched on Kaggle to close 18 May 2015

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Hamburg Startup Presents The World's First Online Charity Game

You play, we donate: Charity GamesLAB presents an online games that collects money by ads and donates it to the world's largest child charity organisation

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slow watches-Gründer Christopher Norskau und Corvin Lask (v.l.n.r.)

Hamburg Startup Introduces Slow Watches To Beat Time Stress

Innovation by Christopher Norskau and Corvin Lask celebrates the slow lifestyle. 24 hours displayed to cover the entire day

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Hamburg's Investment Market With Spectacular Start

Investment transactions in Hamburg increased by one-third to a total of 750 million euro. Sale of the “W1” makes Wandsbek second-biggest sub-market

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easyJet Takes Delivery Of Its 250th Airbus Aircraft

Europe's and one of the world's biggest A320 family airlines celebrates milestone in Hamburg with partners Airbus and CFM

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