Edition 20/2014
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with the world premiere of the “Miracle of Berne“, Germany’s capital of musicals launched a new highlight. As the world’s third biggest capital of musicals after New York and London, Hamburg annually attracts millions of visitors who stay here, go shopping, and visit other cultural facilities. Musicals are one of the city’s true crowd-pullers, and thus of increasing importance fort he Hamburg Metropolitan Region. These and other news from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region you will be able to enjoy in this week’s edition of the newsletter.

Its topics are excerpts from the Hamburg’s leading industries and clusters described in detail at our online news platform. You can access the bilingual business platform in English and German at

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Seaborne cargo throughput sets new record for Port of Hamburg

110 million tonnes in the first nine months. Nearly all throughput segments contributed their share to this growth

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The Miracle of Berne: World Premiere in Hamburg

World premiere for the inauguration of the new Stage musical theatre in the Port of Hamburg. Show tells a moving family story against the background of the Football World Cup in 1954

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Dreamlines/Queen Mary/Elbphilharmonie

Hamburg-based cruise portal DREAMLINES secures 20 million euro for global expansion

Within not even three years, the young enterprise has succeeded in carving out a leading position in the world’s key cruise markets

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Just Rent It: Hamburg Start-Up Benefits From Changed Shopping Attitudes

Sharing Community Chances Consumer Behaviour. To Own Looses Importance

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Weihnachten Neuer Wall

Hamburg Retail Expects Good Christmas Sales

Online survey by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce confirms consumers' positive shopping mood

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Hamburg App Contest Open 'Til 19 December

Independent developers, start-ups, new talents and established IT companies are asked to submit their best new app or app idea by 19 December 2014

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