Edition 1/2014
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following an intense development phase, Hamburg’s economy is now also at home in the digital world: from now on, the new platform will be providing daily economic news from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The central hub of information will systematically bundle and display initiatives, developments, and trends of the business location Hamburg for the very first time.

The economic strength of the city is its major assets and integral part of its identity. With the bilingual platform, we will sharpen this picture: a coverage broad in topics and detailed in content will make the city’s economic agility transparent and position Hamburg in the global location competition of qualified human resources and companies.

Discover and decide yourself the way you would like to receive the news in future: our daily news will cover eight different sectors of the economy. Our real-time news service will thematically filter social media sources, RSS feeds, and other news platforms at a blink. Our weekly newsletter is a compact kaleidoscope of business news conveniently sent to your e-mail account.

Individual forms of use, and a joint approach: by bringing together all partners and agents active in the city, we jointly create a strong beam – that’s guarantied by the sender, Hamburg Marketing GmbH.


Thorsten Kausch
Managing Director Hamburg Marketing GmbH

Hamburger Kunsthalle neu ab 2016

Pay what you want: What is the price of art

Hamburg's civic art gallery tests new entry fees at part of an extensive renovation scheme that covers all aspects from construction works to marketing and visitor schemes.

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Oliver Süme

Hamburg domain: sunrise phase started

Fielmann and Beiersdorf already registered

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Daniel Barke (links) und Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig (rechts)

Mylittlejob start-up: students work for companies

With an unparalleled algorithm, Daniel Barke und Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig find the right student worker for enterprises all over the world.

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Hamburg Airport

Corporate Responsibilty: two Hamburg companies ranked first.

In the Corporate Responsibility Index of Bertelsmann Foundation, Hamburg Airport and Jungheinrich were acknowledged as best-practice.

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Denmark at WindEnergy Hamburg with 100 exhibitors

Denmark’s wind industry has strong presence ath the global lead fair Hamburg. Biggest national pavilion.

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