YOJO - new jobs site for young professionals in Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Core perspective finder allows search for jobs, appointments, news and companies

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region launched Monday (June 6th) the new Young Jobs Hamburg (YOJO) portal offering information on dynamic sectors and firms with potentially interesting jobs for young professionals. The site has been started by a strategic human resources team at HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation (Hamburgische Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung mbH) at the behest of the Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation.

Key to the new website is the so-called perspective finder which allows jobs seekers to look for vacancies, appointments, news and companies and brings the attractions of living and working in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region closer to web surfers.

Jobs in regional economic cluster

YOJO has begun as a collaboration between the aviation, IT & media, renewable energies, maritime economy, logistics and nutrition clusters and is being expanded. HWF commented: “Demographic forecasts, decreasing numbers of school students in the coming years and the resulting shortage of professionals require a rethink in communication in terms of target groups.” Thus, YOJO will also focus on social media.

Speaking at the launch of the website Monday, Dr. Rolf Bösinger, State Councillor in the Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation, commented: “The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is the region in Germany with the greatest economic power and the best prospects for the future. However, a location can only be successful when sufficient numbers of professionals are available.” He added: “YOJO is an addition with the target group of young, well-educated professionals. Young people are transferring the centres of their lives to places with attractive living conditions. The YOJO website for professionals will address this target group directly.”

Another component in city’s cluster policy

Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of HWF, said: “YOJO is another, complementary component in the city of Hamburg’s successful cluster policy. Modern communication technology will make the potential of the economic location appealing to this young, dynamic target group and an eye-level exchange will take place via social media.”

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The Hamburg Metropolitan Region consists of over 1,000 cities and municipalities in 17 counties, two urban districts and four federal states. The region between the Baltic Sea and North Sea, Lübeck and the Lüneburger Heide is home to 5 million people. The cluster sectors of aviation, IT& media, renewable energies, maritime economy, logistics and nutrition have been selected for YOJO and more will be added.

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