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Yelp opens new Germany headquarters in Hamburg

Web page seeks to expand from city. Gain for Hamburg as a centre of technology

The U.S. multinational corporation, Yelp, has opened a new Germany headquarters in Hamburg. Founded in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman and headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company publishes crowd-sourced reviews of all kinds of local businesses including restaurants, dentists and garages. Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, cut the red ribbon to open the offices on Bleichenbrücke Monday (September 12th) during a ceremony attended by representatives of politics and commerce. Scholz noted: “Hamburg’s culture of innovation, quality of life and qualified professionals has already won over other leading international firm. You are in good company. We wish to open innovative spaces in the city for companies. I am particularly pleased that Yelp has a large development unit here with many IT experts. The technical competence of digitalisation is one of the key resources of our times.”

Location for globally active digital companies

The new headquarters in Hamburg will boost Yelp’s digital activities worldwide. Holger Thiemann, Country Manager, has praised the Hanseatic city’s international aspect and the ideal atmosphere for globally active companies, as evidenced by “neighbours” such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Xing and Dropbox.

Commenting on the Hanseatic vibe, Thiemann said: “Historic buildings convey a special feeling and we immediately felt at home in the Kaufmannshaus. Its over 100-year commercial tradition suits us. We wish to develop extensive offices with many open spaces and have all our teams on one floor. That goes with our multicultural, flexible corporate culture. Also, the Kaufmannshaus area offers excellent opportunities and is easily reached by public transport.”

Heading for growth

Employee numbers have risen since the company took over Qype in 2012. The firm currently employs 100 people in Germany in software development, product management, administration and advertisement sales – a good half in the latter division. Thiemann said: “We wish to grow in all divisions especially development, design and sales and to hire staff.”

Germany is the most important growth market for Yelp, which operates in 32 countries. At the close of this year’s second quarter, Yelp had done around 108 million reviews of locals businesses. The site was called up around 23 million times on the Yelp mobile app. Around 69 million visitors used the mobile app while some 73 million vistors called up the site per desktop .

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