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Women techmakers keen on revamping IT

Diverse teams achieve improved results and hire more professionals - a talk with the founder of Women Techmakers Hamburg

The Google network, Women Techmakers, is committed to achieving gender equality in the digital work world. In January 2016, Anja Schumann started a branch of the community in Hamburg. Around 40 sessions have been held meanwhile. In an interview with nextMedia.Hamburg initiative, Schumann, chairwoman of Moinworld, the association behind Women Techmakers Hamburg, talks about motivation and why women are still underrepresented in the programming sector.

Not simply a solution for shortage of professionals

Schumann told nextMedia: “Software changes every branch regardless of the sector: agriculture, automotive industry and trade. It would be great, if a large part of the population could read and write this code. Not only because we would solve the shortage of professionals, but because we all know that diverse teams achieve improved results.” It is also a question of justice, she added. Women and girls should have the same opportunities as men in future.

Kick-off in January

The Women Techmakers hold meet-ups to make programming professions more attractive for women. “Even if you do not start a career in this sector, you learn to whittle down problems and make them solvable. Where else can you get an idea, turn it around and show it to the whole world shortly afterwards?” The meet-ups give participants a chance to network with the local developer scene. Women can get to grips with the technology during the next kick-off on January 25, in Hamburg. Registrations are being accepted from January 1 on the

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