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Women active in many different start-ups across Hamburg

Fewer start-ups by women - many examples of influential female entrepreneurs

Women would appear to be hestitant when it comes to starting their own business. But appearances can be deceptive. So just what roles do women play in the start-up scene and in which sectors? Constanze Klotz und Hanna Charlotte Erhorn, founders of the Bridge & Tunnel start-up, won the Digital Female Leader Award 2016 in the “Change” category on December 1 for their environment-friendly fashion label. The duo focuses on locally produced clothes which are available online. The award is presented by Women in Digital e.V. and the “myself” magazine as well as leading figures in the digital economy.

14.2 per cent share of women founders in Hamburg

Women launch fewer start-ups than men, according to the November 2016 edition of the European Startups Monitor. Across Europe, women founders accounted for 14.8 per cent, 13.9 per cent in Germany and a 14.2 per cent share of Hamburg’s start-up scene, according to the Hamburg Startup Monitor. The private initiative Hamburg Startups lists 612 start-ups – companies that have not been in existence for more than ten years, are striving for growth and have innovative features. The platform gives insight into branches where women launch start-ups.

50 influential women entrepreneurs

Commerce is the most popular sector and 36 of 178 (24.3 per cent) female founders in Hamburg work in the sector. In 2013, Freya Oehle, for instance, founded her first company at the age of 23. She and her business partner, Tobias Kempkensteffe launched the e-commerce App” Spottster on the market. In 2015, Oehle received the Victress Award for leading women and in November 2016, the EU StartUPs blog counted her among the 50 most influential start-up entrepreneurs.

Enthusiasm for women founders on “Lion’s Den” TV show

Juliane Eichblatt and Eva Neugebauer, founders of Frischepost are supporting local food producers with an online shop and delivery service. Katharina Walter is the co-founder of Findeling – a platform highlighting owner-run design stores and bookshops in Hamburg while Sibilla Kawala-Bulas, founder of Limberry stirred up plenty of enthusiasm for her unique costumes and dirndl fashion on VOX TV “Lion’s Den” show. Miriam Schütt and Marie-Lene Armingeon have made a name for themselves with Sofa Concerts, a website offering private concerts.

9.5 per cent of founders in media

The service sector came second with an 18.9 per cent share of women followed by the food sector with 18.2 per cent. Around 11.5 per cent of women are working on business ideas that do not fall into the categories of the Startups-Monitor. Around 9.5 per cent of women rate their companies in the media platform. The founders of the Hamburg Startups platform, Sina Gritzuhn and Sanja Stankovic have for years been committed to raising the visibility of young companies in Hamburg. Events such as Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch and Hamburg Startups Mixer boost networking in the start-up scene.

Lower share of women in games sector

The share of women founders in the tech sector is low at 6.8 per cent although the overall share of start-ups in the sector comes to 13.3 per cent. And when it comes to the games sector, women account for a 4.7 per cent share. The overall share of start-ups in the sector comes to 4.1 per cent.

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About Hamburg Startups

The Hamburg Startups team, led by Sina Gritzuhn and Sanja Stankovic, is committed to raising the visibility of young companies in Hamburg through networking. To this end, they have set up events such as Startups@Reeperbahn Pitch and Hamburg Startups Mixer. Their platform, Hamburg Startup Monitor, gives an overview of 600 start-ups to heighthen the perception of Hamburg as a centre for founders and entrepreneurial spirit. More information can be found on:

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