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Winners of HANS music prize 2016

Udo Linderberg and Beginner win - 600 guests celebrate

The Beginner won Wednesday (November 23) three HANS music awards in Hamburg’s Markthalle music club. Udo Lindenberg, Haiyti, Johannes Oerding and his team Farhot and Folkert Koopmans were among the other winners. Live acts to perform included Meute, Enno Bunger, Lina Maly, Farhot und Haiyti. Around 600 guests from the Hamburg music and cultural sectors such as Götz Bühler, Cäthe, Leslie Clio, Sascha Eigner (Jupiter Jones), Leon Gurvitch, Karsten Jahnke, Caroline Kiesewetter, Graziella Schazad and Hadi Teherani arrived for the celebrations, which NDR Blue will air at 8 pm on Friday (November 25).

Artist of the Year

Udo Lindenberg won the HANS award as “Artist of the Year” to standing ovations. Commenting on its decision, the jury said: “This year, Udo Lindenberg has again clearly shown casually that he is long since not only a successful musician, but is also what in English is called ‘a character‘…someone who marches to his drummer. Lindenberg is a maverick in the often colourless cultural scene and they are rare in Germany.”

Beginner sweeps the board

The hip-hop band, the Beginner, won the “Song of the Year” (Ahnma) and “Album of the Year” (Advanced Chemistry) categories. Director David Aufdembrinke won the HANS award in the“Best Imaging” category for innovative imaging in the music video called “Es war einmal”.

Best Young Talent

The hip-hop newcomer Haiyti combines rap, punk and lyrics and won the HANS “Best Young Talent” award of EUR 2,000, which is presented by the HANS Music Foundation. The jury praised her “confident trap beats and cryptic poetic texts that reveal a natural knowledge of codes in the scene.” The musician Enno Bunger gave the laudation.

NDR and the Hamburg Kreativgesellschaft have backed HANS since the prize was first awarded in 2009. The Haspa Music Foundation is the latest partner. Other partners and sponsors are Hamburg Marketing, Chamber of Commerce nhb und die TownTalker Media AG. HANS – the Hamburg Music Prize is organised by the Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft (IHM).

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