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Vote now to send Hamburg to SXSW as "Texas is calling"

Hamburg Aviation keen to enter SXSW with panel on "My Colleague is a Robot".

The Hamburg-based start-up Synergeticon, which specializes in individual software solutions for digital assistance systems, collaborative robotics and artificial intelligence, and the Co-Learning Space for clusters in Hamburg have qualified for the South by Southwest Panel Picker. A community vote will decide whether they reach the official programme of next year’s South by Southwest underway from March 16-22, 2020. Voters have until August 23, 2019 to enter their ballots! Under the motto “My Colleague is a Robot”, David Küstner, CEO of Synergeticon, and Dr. Tanja Zeeb, Project Manager of the Co-Learning Space for clusters in Hamburg, wish to highlight the future of production in a talk entitled Hamburg – the place for aviation.

Robot-linked ethical issues

Imagine people and machines work hand in hand with each other. Such new teamwork could raise industrial efficiency and people would no longer have to perform physically-demanding and monotonous tasks. However, this also raises ethical questions e.g. ensuring that human beings and robots do not become competitors. And how can companies combine human creativity with machine learning to tap new innovation potential? These and other issues are central to the companies’ bids for the coveted slots at SXSW.

Hamburg’s participation in SXSW 2019

Earlier this year, the Center of Applied Aeronautical Research and the Hamburg Aviation cluster took part in a panel discussion at SXSW on “Flying Taxis and Ambulance Drones: SciFi 2 Reality”. Talks centred on the substance of urban air mobility and measures needed to create a long-term market for air taxis and drone services in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and similar areas.

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