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VOCER Innovation Day to be held in Hamburg

"Remix Journalis" is the motto of the one-day convention of creative heads at the headquarters of "Der Spiegel" on 20 June 2015

More than 20 national and international creative executives and decision-makers will be meeting in Hamburg on 20 June at the headquarters of the German publishing group of “Der Spiegel”. Among the speakers attending the VOCER Innovation Day will be Melissa Bell (vice president and co-founder of Vox Media Inc.), Joyce Rice (Co -founder of Symbolia), David Groenewold (film producer), Anja Reschke (ARD Panorama), Jaron Gilinsky (founder of Story Hunter), Daniel Bröckerhoff (ZDF heute +) and Hansi Voigt (founder of

The Transformation in Journalism in Focus

The one-day conference entitled “Remix Journalism” is dedicated to the technological restructuring and innovation in digital journalism. “Together with “Der Spiegel”, we will allow creative media makers have their say, implement unconventional journalistic projects, and set a counterpoint to the general crisis thinking”, says co-founder Prof Stephan Weichert VID (Macromedia University/Hamburg Media School). The conference is, on the one hand, aimingat younger media professionals to make them like their profession. On the other hand, it strives to also appeal to established journalists to take away their fears and worries about the future. The meeting will be presented by Eva Schulz.

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