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Virtual reality is a boon in certain sectors

Part 2 of Virtual Reality Series: Technology still too costly for many. Results of survey by nextMedia.Hamburg

Around 70 per cent of media producers believe virtual reality technology is still too costly while 66 per cent say it is still premature, according to a survey by nextMedia.Hamburg, the city’s joint initiative for the media and digital industry. This comes even though virtual reality is trending in the media and digital sector.

Lack of experience with technology

Only 23 per cent of those surveyed have used virtual reality even though the first steps towards the technology were undertaken in the 1990s, the results show. At present, the first VR cinemas are opening in large European cities. However, media and digital content producers are still wary of the technology. Only 25 per cent plan to use virtual reality professionally in the coming months. Yet, more than half (around 59 per cent) believe that virtual reality will have a significant influence on media and the digital economy. And 7 per cent are expecting a decisive influence.

Games sector may benefit, no waves in journalism

Media producers agree clearly on which sectors are benefiting from virtual reality. Things are looking good in the games sector with 67 per cent, followed by film and TV with 24 per cent and research with 20 per cent. Surprisingly, only 2.5 per cent believe that virtual reality will play a major role in journalism.

Medium-term fixture in mainstream

Those surveyed believe that the technology will only establish itself in the medium-term in the mainstream. Around one third (34 per cent) expect this to happen in five years at the most while 30 per cent say it will be ten years before virtual reality is widespread. At the same time, only 5 per cent believe virtual reality will never establish itself. Statista interviewed 201 employees in the media and digital sector for the survey. Experts in Hamburg give their views on the technology in Unified, nextMedia.Hamburg’s digital magazine, in a report entitled “Virtual Reality – Alltag oder Utopie” (Virtual reality – everyday life or utopia).

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