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vilisto secures next financing round

Start-ups sensors on thermostats indicate real use of offices

The Hamburg-based vilisto start-up has obtained funding from KIC InnoEnergy SE and five business-angels allowing it to begin serial production of its self-learning heater thermostats for offices, a press release said Thursday. Sensors on the heaters indicate normal use of offices and adjust to people’s conduct lowering energy costs in the process.

Integrated people recognition

Christian Brase, co-founder and CSO of vilisto, said: “Our thermostats solve the user-investor dilemma in offices where people use, but do not pay for the heating.” Christoph Berger, co-founder and CEO of vilisto, added: “Self-learning algorithms, fully automated functions thanks to integrated people-presence recognition mean the thermostats do not have to be programmed or remotely controlled by an app. No other settings have to be undertaken.”

Serial production

The technology tested successfully in a pilot project last winter. Projects conducted jointly with RheinEnergie AG in Cologne aim to save 30 per cent of heating costs. The serial production of thermostats is now about to launch and will be available only to companies. “The great added value of the fully automated thermostats is in offices where no one bothers about the heating,” said Berger.

Higher energy savings

Dr. Lasse Landt, Business Creation Manager at InnoEnergy, said: “Heating offices is incredibly inefficient at the moment. We see far higher potential for savings e.g. in private apartments as well. The combination of further team development and very positive market feedback has convinced us and a whole row of experienced business angels to support vilisto in addition to the initial investment.“

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