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Landesbetrieb Geoinformation und Vermessung and Dataport driving digitalisation

The Hamburg State Office for Geoinformation and Surveying (LGV) and Dataport, the IT service provider, have formed a collaboration to advance digitisation throughout the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The Hamburg Urban Data Platform is to be opened up to more to more partners and connected to Dataport’s online service infrastructure platform to bundle data and services more effectively and make them available for new applications or apps. The Urban Data Hub is part of the senate’s Digital City strategy.

Strengthening Hamburg’s digital sovereignty

Data is driving digitalisation, said Torsten Koß, Director of Digital Transformation at Dataport, and noted: “The combination of LGV’s Urban Data Platform and Dataport’s platform allows us to offer online, value-added services, e.g. in transport, mobility, education and culture to the people in the entire Hamburg Metropolitan Region”. “It is important to strengthen Hamburg’s digital sovereignty and to secure the physical data independence of internet companies,” said Rolf-Werner Welzel, Managing Director of LGV.

Online access to urban data

LGV has developed the Urban Data Platform for Hamburg and gathers up-to-date data from various authorities and departments. The local goverment, commerce and citizens can use the open platform. The data can also be used for intelligent traffic management, social infrastructure planning and numerous applications.

Dataport is the information and communications service provider for public administration in the four states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Saxony-Anhalt as well as for tax administrations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony. It has developed the Online Service Infrastructure (OSI) platform for online administration services. The platform is one of the technical bases for implementing the Online Access Act, which stipulates that federal and state administrations must make 575 services digitally available by 2022. The services of Bremen, Hamburg, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein are available on the OSI platform.

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