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Knowledge collaboration, co-working spaces and other trends

Unified highlights how digitalisation is changing knowledge work

As early as 400 B.C., the Greek philosopher, Plato, remarked: “If you have an apple and I have an apple, and we exchange apples, we both still only have one apple. But when two people exchange a thought, they both have two of them.” This view reflects a strong trend in the 21st century: many things are simpler and better when exchanged because different experts have their say in reference to co-working and journalists’ research networks.

Co-working spaces

The latest edition of nextMedia.Hamburg’s digital magazine, Unified, shows how digitalisation is changing knowledge work. Such collaboration is important to both self-employed professionals and firms as they all wish to benefit from knowledge exchange among staff and with their customers.

Co-working spaces are just one aspect of this phenomenon and are gaining importance in Hamburg. Freelancers, the self-employed and knowledge workers in big companies are finding colleagues in these leased co-working spaces. And these expanded networks and increased knowledge are paving the way for cross-border projects, Unified reports. Birgit Gebhardt, an expert on developments in modern co-working, discusses the trends in Unified.

Collaboration crucial for research networks

Wolfgang Wopperer Beholz, Managing Partner at mindmatters GmbH & Co. KG and co-founder of betahaus Hamburg, gives advice on good teams and how co-working functions. Arne Wolter, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Gruner + Jahr, and Jens Uehlecke, Managing Director, Greenhouse Innovation Lab at Gruner + Jahr, talks about innovations in a big media company. Jan Strozyk, author and staff member of the NDR, WDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung’s research network, discusses the importance of co-operation in processing huge amounts of data in relation to the Panama Papers.

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