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Two thirds of the Hamburg-based IT companies are satisfied with location

Three out of five companies expect rising employment figures, a survey of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce reveals.

Hamburg’s IT industry looks mostly positive in the future. This is the result of an analysis by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, which will present it on the eve of the National IT Summit 21 October 2014. According to the survey with the title “IT business location Hamburg”, two-thirds of the nearly 10,000 IT companies are satisfied with Hamburg. “Three out of five businesses are going to increase the number of employees in the next three years. Only three per cent of companies expect staff figures to decline”, says Prof Dr Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, managing director of the Hamburg Chamber of compers. The results of the analysis are based on a survey of 4,000 randomly selected Hamburger IT companies.

IT industry is growing disproportionately

The study also makes it clear that the Hanseatic city has the highest start-up intensity in the IT industry in German comparison. Compared to other industries, Hamburg’s IT companies are also characterised by greater longevity. In total, the 50,000 staff in the Hamburger IT industry achieve an annual gross value of 4.33 billion euro. “Hamburg’s IT industry is thus an economic heavyweight in the city and they continuously and grows disproportionately”, concluded Schmidt-Trenz.

Looking for highly-qualified staff

The supply of skilled labor is working hard to keep up with this positive, and very fast process. However, despite continuously increasing numbers of IT professionals, Hamburg lagging behind the national average of 6.9 per cent, with a share of only 4.6 percent of students in IT-related fields of study. Currently, there are 4,118 students enrolled in IT-related courses in Hamburg.

Also in the field of co-operation between IT industry and science, improvements are possible. “Only about one in six IT companies currently cooperates with scientific institutions in Hamburg,” states Schmidt-Trenz. On the other hand, figures revealed by the innovation contact point (ICS) show an enormous potential in IT-related research. “Approximately one in four of the companies previously mediated by the ICS has an IT focus”, thus Schmidt-Trenz.

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