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Twitch planning new branch in Hamburg, reports say

Video streaming portal to open branch in Hamburg - Burkhard Leimrock to head branch

Twitch, a live streaming video platform, is to open a branch in Hamburg headed by Burkhard Leimbrock, reports said Monday. Leimbrock has years of experience in the digital industry and would be responsible for marketing Twitch in Europe. The company already has a branch in London “Social video, eSports and live-gaming are important fields for digital media in future. I would be delighted to push these issues ahead and to set up a new team,” Horizont magazine quoted Leimbrock as saying.

More branches planned

Twitch has focused mainly on London so far and set up a branch there in 2014. Twitch has announced plans to set up offices outside of England in future, “W&V” reported. A branch in Stockholm will probably be set up later. Many innovative firms such Google, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite and Yel have branches in Hamburg as well as over 150 gaming companies.


Twitch focuses on video gaming including playthroughs of video games, broadcasts of eSports competitions, creative content, and more recently, music broadcasts. Content on the site can either be viewed live or via video on demand. Launched in June 2011, Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture and the creative arts. Almost 10 million visitors gather to watch and talk about video games with more than 2 million streamers every day. Each viewer spends and average 106 minutes on the web page. Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of, has owned Twitch since 2014

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