TUHH_Casabianca © Citymanagement Harburg/S. Hollatz

TUHH Supports French Street-Art Project

Harburg becomes a hotspot of Casabianca's global art project

For his project, the artist releases “Old Masters” from museums and places them with easy removable glue as prints on paper on walls, so that the walls are not damaged. Once attached and present in the cityscape, the portrait image and the reactions by passers-by are being photographed and featured in the artist’s Internet gallery. In addition to cities like London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Brussels and Frankfurt, Hamburg is the second German city to participate in Casabianca’s global project. His work can be seen at Harburger Schloßstrasse 20.

Paper Art on Harburg’s Facades

Constantly travelling the world in the search of a suitable backdrops, Julien de Casabianc was quite pleased with the area presented to him in Hamburg’s south for realising his art project. Accompanied by a film team of the Northern German broadcaster NDR and presenter Julia Westlake, he chose the famous Bornemann House as well as a facade of Hamburg’s University of Technology (TUHH Hamburg) as sites for his paper artworks. A picture of the current exhibition SPOT ON at Hamburg’s civic art gallery Hamburger Kunsthalle now also adorns the tunnel between Harburg Arcaden and the Sand.

Street Art in Hamburg’s South

Melanie Gitte Lansmann, managing director of the City Management Harburg, is excited about this project in Harburg: “We were able to create synergies and to respond quickly. Now, there are some places in Harburg’s centre and its inner port, where the street art works by Julien de Casabianca can be seen – also thanks to the good networking and the flexibility here in Harburg.”

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