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Trends and innovations in 2016

Trendone has 80 global trend scouts. Entrepreneurs learn to work with trends at Afternoon for Innovators

Identifying a trend, its possible development and determining whether it has the potential to revolutionize an entire sector are the essence of work at Trendone – the Hamburg-based trend scout. There, some 30 employees including innovation consultants, analysts, product and brand managers, graphic designers, talent managers and researchers zoom in on these issues every day. Trendone was founded in 2002 by manager Nils Müller. On January 15, 2016, interested entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from Trendone’s expertise.

Increasing innovative capability

At their offices, trend researchers will inform entrepreneurs about important trends in 2016. Guests will be told about the distinctions between micro, macro and mega trends. In a later phase, participants will learn how to identify a macro trend and to assess it. They will also learn how trends give rise to innovations and how to use them in their own businesses. Demands will also be made on creative input from guests. The “Afternoon for Innovators” is suitable for companies “that work in the innovation sector, are excited by innovation and wish to increase their innovative capability”, the organizers say.

1,500 proposed trends

Trendone employs 80 global trend scouts who hunt for signals. These scouts include freelancers, researchers, students or salaried employees who research proposed trends on a voluntary basis. They send any novel ideas that they discover to Trendone. Every month, the company receives around 1,500 proposed trends in this way. Then, analysts identify relevant proposals and interpret them in terms of a larger development.

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