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Top-level domain: Hamburg-ending proving popular

Several firms and organisations in Hanseatic city using "dot Hamburg", two-year summary finds

In 2014, Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg and Oliver Süme, Managing Director of Hamburg Top-Level-Domain GmbH, pushed the button launching .hamburg. Meanwhile, 25,000 Hamburg-based companies are using the internet address. Now, users of the .hamburg address include many firms and organisations such as, und The Stadtreinigung Hamburg has also adopted the address and uses it to communicate with clients. Hamburg News has also switched from .de to .hamburg.

Budnikowsky, HASPA & co

Frank Horch, Senator for Economics, said: “The domain ending .hamburg allowed the city of Hamburg to be right up there as an internet stronghold from the start of such urban addresses. It allows people, institutes and companies throughout the entire metropolitan region to present themselves on the internet under .hamburg.” Horch said he was delighted that the “First Citizen of This City”, Olaf Scholz, had led the way with

“A .hamburg address shows immediately that the web page is hosted in Hamburg, the Hamburg Metropolitan Region or acts in the interests of people in Hamburg,” said Süme. It is being used among others by Budnikowsky (, the Hamburger und Germania Ruder Club ( rowing club and the HASPA ( bank.

Radio Hamburg has also used the address from the start. Marzel Becker, Program Director, pointed out: “The URL is very important to the success of a company. For Radio Hamburg, as a Hamburg-based company, we clearly had to host our streaming services on” Top-Level-Domain GmbH operates the domain ending .hamburg

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