Food Truck "Casita Oaxaca" © Melf Omsen

A Timetable For Food Trucks

Hamburg introduces unique concept in Germany: 20 mobile food vendors travel between fixed stops based on a fixed itinerary and timetable

Falafel and halloumi, soups, stews and curries, sausages, pizza, pasta or burgers – thanks to mobile food trucks, lunch has become a culinary experience. The transportable kitchens are popular far beyond the borders of the Hanseatic City. But only in Hamburg, the placement of food trucks is systematically co-ordinated.

Online Overview

On weekdays, 20 food trucks will travel to eight different stops in Hamburg, including the office centre at Osterbekufer in Barmbek, the campus of the University of Technology Hamburg-Harburg or the Sternwollfabrik in Othmarschen. The latest additions to the menu is Casita Oaxaca, ea mobile canteen offering Mexican cuisine, and BurgerKultour, serving beef from cattle grazing outdoors on Northern Germany’s green pastures. To view times, locations, and food on offer, please check out

Expanding To Berlin

The so-called “Lunch Karawane” was initiated by Jochen Manske in 2014. Through its parent organisation and marketing activities, it reduces the individual costs of food truck operators. In return, Manske receives a share of revenue from the mobile kitchens. In May 2015, a street food-session has been launched in Hamburg St Pauli. Now, the concept will be further expanded and implemented at Berlin with initially two locations. For 2016, the expansion to further three other locations is on the agenda.

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