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Thalia Theatre: arts & finance go well together

Hamburg stage is Germany's financially most solidly run playhouse.

Thalia Theatre is one of Hamburg’s state owned theatres. Today, it is home to one of Germany’s most famous ensembles and stages around nine new plays per season. In the last one, 315,000 people enjoyed Thalia’s production. Next to an exceptionally high utilisation percentage, the theatre is also a best-practice of solid financing. Compared to the national average of 18 per cent, its self-financing share is outstandingly high with 30 per cent. Good yields were not only achieved by high viewing figures, but also by revenue retrieved from co-productions with major festivals and guest performances by Thalia all over the world. The Hamburg Thalia is thus the most successful theaters in Germany.

Result of hard work

Thalia director Joachim Lux: “I am pleased with this positive balance of our last seaon. But it is the result of hard, often even too hard work. Even though we are operating highly efficiently, our work load and our performance capacities have reached a limit. Further cuts, or a season not fully satisfactory will bring along a huge imbalance immediately.”

Theatre for all generations

A positive trend of last season’s balance: the number of younger visitors increased from 41,000 pupils and students in 2009/10 to nearly twice as much. Both in 2012/2013 and 2013/14, some 80,000 young theatres goers attended Thalia’s performance. Joachim Lux: “The reputation of the Thalia Theatre for the +50 generation has been thoroughly ruined. I am pleased. Today, many even say that Thalia is hip – well, that’s right, too. But still, Thalia is a theatre for all generations. And that’s exactly what theatre should be. “

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